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At this stage in life, you understand the value of having a onfidence smile. Whether it is a business presentation, or just and evening out with friends, you know that being self-concious...

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With Invisalign Teen, you could be straightening your teeth without most of your friends even noticing. You don't have to worry about sharp metal wires and brackets irritating your cheeks and gums...

Invisalign Orthodontics Walnut Creek; Invialign Dentist in Walnut Creek CA


Walnut Creek Premier Invisalign Provider

A part of the Walnut Creek Invisalign process involves replacing a set of aligners approximately every couple of weeks. Each aligner is created individually with specific instructions to ensure your teeth move into place steadily and appropriately. A Walnut Creek Invisalign provider - Dr. Darvish, personalizes the Invisalign system for each client's teeth. Dr. Darvish designs each specially made plan with only you in mind to ensure your smile is the best it can be. He is recognized, highly respected and proficiently trained to offer skilled tooth re-alignment that will result in the best efficient bite and visual appeal for the client. Invisalign Walnut Creek is the solution if you are prepared to enhance your smile and improve your overall looks and confidence.

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As one of the best Invisalign providers in the Walnut Creek area, Dr. Darvish has additionally had the privilege to teach at UCSF and UC-Berkeley. Although there are a vast number of local Invisalign dentists, only a handful have taken on as many Invisalign cases equivalent to Dr. Darvish.   
Other positions held by Dr. Darvish include the practice of professional cosmetic dentistry in Walnut Creek as well as the Ethics and Legislative Chair with the Contra Costa Dental Society.

Our Invisalign office located in Walnut Creek, California boasts an innovative and cutting-edge service with an amiable and knowledgeable staff that caters to every client. Whether you choose an Invisalign treatment or another type of enhancement, Dr. Darvish and his team will take great care to satisfy you and fulfill your every need to produce impeccable results.


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Walnut Creek Invisalign
How Invisalign WorksInvisalign takes a modern approach to straightening teeth
How Do I Get It?Your treatment begins with consultation with Walnut Cree Dental

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